Page 1: Participant Information (Version 8; 20.05.2020)

Invitation to participate: Thank you for considering completing our survey. Before you decide whether to participate, it is important for you to understand why the research is being done and what it will involve. Please take time to read the following information carefully and feel free to ask us if you would like more information or if there is anything that you do not understand.

What is the purpose of the study? This survey is about current practice in Videofluoroscopy (VFSS), and is intended for Radiographers, Radiologists, Advanced Radiographer Practitioners and Consultant Radiographer Practitioners with experience of working in VFSS in the UK and the Republic of Ireland. The survey is part of a wider programme of research and will provide us with an understanding of how VFSS is currently practised. This information, along with our existing review of VFSS national guidelines, will inform the design of a new, best practice guideline for VFSS, with the aim of benefitting both patients and health care professionals.

The survey has been developed by Radiographers, Radiologists, Speech and Language Therapists and Researchers as a collaboration between the University of Central Lancashire, Sheffield Hallam University, the University of Nottingham and University Hospitals of North Midlands NHS Trust. It has been piloted with an expert multidisciplinary healthcare team and researchers across the UK.

Do I have to take part? Taking part in the survey is entirely voluntary. If you choose not to take part or you exit the survey before completing it, you will not be asked for a reason and you will not incur any disadvantage.

What will happen if I take part? The survey should take no longer than 30 minutes to complete. Although all of these questions are important to our research, you can choose to skip some questions if you’d prefer not to answer them. Once you have completed the questions, you can click the “Finish” button to submit your answers.

How will my data be used? Once you have clicked the “Finish" button at the end, your data will be provided, anonymously, to the research team. Submission of the survey will constitute your consent to us storing your research data and analysing the responses you have given to inform publications in peer reviewed journals. As your responses are anonymous, once you have clicked “Finish” you will not be able to withdraw your responses. You can, however, exit the survey at any time before pressing “Finish” and your responses will not be saved.

The University processes personal data as part of its research and teaching activities in accordance with the lawful basis of ‘public task’, and in accordance with the University’s purpose of “advancing education, learning and research for the public benefit”. Under UK data protection legislation, the University acts as the Data Controller for personal data collected as part of the University’s research. The University privacy notice for research participants can be found on the attached link

Further information on how your data will be used is below:

How will my data be collected?

Your data will be collected by completing this online survey and clicking the “Finish” button at the end.

How will my data be stored?

Your data will be stored on the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) secure drive. It will be password-protected and only accessible to the research team.

How long will my data be stored for?

5 years.

What measures are in place to protect the security and confidentiality of my data?

Your data will be password-protected and stored anonymously on the UCLan secure drive. Data will be treated in the strictest of confidence.

Will my data be anonymised?

All data will be anonymous.

How will my data be used?

The survey asks about current VFSS practice (e.g. relating to referral criteria, governance and safety, radiation protection) in order to provide us with an understanding of how VFSS is currently practised.

The survey also asks for personal information (e.g. professional title, highest academic qualification, years in practice), which is only being collected to ensure we have a representative sample of professionals, at different levels, across the UK and Republic of Ireland. We will only report aggregated data in any publications arising from the survey, therefore you will not be identifiable.

Who will have access to my data?

Your data will only be accessible to the research team and will not be shared with anyone else.

Will my data be archived for use in other research projects in the future?


How will my data be destroyed?

Once the survey end date has passed, the data will be downloaded and stored as password protected files on the UCLan secure drive. All data from will then be destroyed. After  5 years, the data files will be deleted.


This study has been reviewed and approved by the Health Ethics Committee at the University of Central Lancashire, reference HEALTH0054 and is funded by Liverpool CCG.


If you have any questions before, during or after the survey, or if you are unhappy, or if there is a problem relating to this study, please feel free to let us know by contacting Dr Liz Boaden on the contact details below and we will try to help:


Dr Liz Boaden (Principal Investigator)

Senior Research Fellow

School of Nursing, Faculty of Health and Wellbeing

University of Central Lancashire




01772 892746


If you remain unhappy, or have a complaint which you feel you cannot come to us with, then please contact the Research Governance Unit at

The University strives to maintain the highest standards of rigour in the processing of your data. However, if you have any concerns about the way in which the University processes your personal data, it is important that you are aware of your right to lodge a complaint with the Information Commissioner's Office by calling 0303 123 1113.


If you are happy to proceed, you can click “Next” to begin the survey. The survey will be live from 27th April until 23:59 on 29th June 2020.